Anonymous Letter, Pinocchio Drawing Highlight Highland Heights Mayor Race




As the campaign-season mud-slinging heads into the playoffs, we turn our eyes to contentious Highland Heights, an East Side sliver crammed between Richmond Heights and Mayfield. That’s where a mayoral face-off between two-term incumbent Scott Coleman and council president Scott Mills has taken a Disneyesque turn.

It seems an anonymous letter made the rounds among city officials and others blasting Mayor Coleman for a lack of transparency and Dimora-grade cronyism. It also included an expertly doctored photo of the mayor sporting Pinocchio’s nose.

Asked about the letter but presumably not the nose, Coleman told the Sun News, “I can refute everything in it.” He did not, however, return Scene’s invitation to do so.

Mills, meanwhile, insists he’s wrongly taking the fall — and admits he’s in a tough spot because of it. “Absolutely, unequivocally had no idea about it,” he says. “I’m getting more flak than faith on that letter.” Mills happens to agree with the gist of the mystery missive, but wishes he’d busted out his own version first.

“I can’t argue with the facts,” he says. “But I would never discredit the office of the mayor by drawing a nose on him.”

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