The Quality of Cleveland Life Report




Your guide to living in fabulous Cleveland.

Growing Old Fast: The National Senior Games (Cleveland 2013!) asks city for $1 million contribution. Mayor Jackson points out that’s only $950,000 with our Golden Buckeye Card, plus a free appetizer.

Pass the Hat:: City council considering law to exempt small concert clubs from paying Cleveland’s 8 percent “admissions tax,” will now accept two cans of Black Label and a concert T-shirt instead.

Dink & Dunk: Presidential hopeful Herman Cain credits unknown Cleveland wealth management consultant Rich Lowrie with creating sterling “9-9-9” tax plan. Little-known fact: Lowrie also designed not-so-sterling Browns offense.

This Week's Index: You’re a county councilman whiffing that casino tax pie ... and craving a slice of pecan for your ward.

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