Michael Forlani Indicted; More Charges Against Jimmy Dimora




Michael Forlani's name, while not being spelled out explicitly in previous indictments against the Cuyahoga County Corruption All-Stars, has been all over the paperwork filed by the Feds. Doan Pyramid, the electric company Forlani owned, had its fingers in any number of county and city projects that have come under scrutiny, specifically the $125 Veterans Administration project that brought former city councilwoman Sabra Pierce Scott into the corruption web. (She is scheduled to be sentenced January 12.)

Now, he's been formally indicted. 19 Action News reports he was already arrested this morning after Feds filed an indictment that also brings additional racketeering charges against listed co-defendant Jimmy Dimora. Those charges would be heard in a separate, second trial against Big Jimmy.

Forlani had ties to just about everyone already on the Feds' docket, including Russo (the former auditor's phone was registered to Doan), Dimora, William Neiheiser, and others. Russo, Neiheiser, and Pierce Scott are all cooperating with prosecutors. Dimora, obviously, is not.

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