Afternoon Brew: Teacher Sex Testimony, Drunk Guy Thinks Cops Are Taxi, A Vote Against the Clinic, and Brother vs. Brother for Mayor



Good afternoon, Cleveland. Here's some stuff to read while you figure out who your mother would support in an election, you or your sibling.

— Testimony from the students who allegedly smoked pot, drank, and had sex with a female teacher all at the same time. There were five of them. This definitely reads like something from Penthouse Letters. (Journal News)

— If the cops show up and you mistake them for a taxi taking you to get food, you are probably not sober. (Strongsville Patch)

— A writer from The Atlantic goes after the Clinic's semi-obsessive health initiatives for employees. Scene's owners have a slightly less strict batch of guidelines. (Crain's)

— It's brother vs. brother for mayor of a small Ohio town. Campaign literature surely includes who gave who wedgies and whether either of them stole loose change from their mom's purse. (

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