Afternoon Brew: Teacher Sex Testimony, Drunk Guy Thinks Cops Are Taxi, A Vote Against the Clinic, and Brother vs. Brother for Mayor


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Good afternoon, Cleveland. Here's some stuff to read while you figure out who your mother would support in an election, you or your sibling.

— Testimony from the students who allegedly smoked pot, drank, and had sex with a female teacher all at the same time. There were five of them. This definitely reads like something from Penthouse Letters. (Journal News)

— If the cops show up and you mistake them for a taxi taking you to get food, you are probably not sober. (Strongsville Patch)

— A writer from The Atlantic goes after the Clinic's semi-obsessive health initiatives for employees. Scene's owners have a slightly less strict batch of guidelines. (Crain's)

— It's brother vs. brother for mayor of a small Ohio town. Campaign literature surely includes who gave who wedgies and whether either of them stole loose change from their mom's purse. (


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