Afternoon Brew: Joe the Plumber Could Win, $5,000 in Dimes, #RapeStow, and the Third Street Bridge Debacle




Good afternoon, Cleveland. Here's some stuff to read while you pretend that you totally don't pick up loose change off the street.

— Esquire's political writer, the great Charles Pierce, thinks Joe the Plumber could actually become Joe the Congressman. That is scary. (Esquire)

— A Brink's armored truck accidentally spilled $5,000 worth of dimes all over the street in Cleveland. Surprisingly, it all disappeared into the hole of the Med Mart's foundation before it could be cleaned up. (NewsNet5)

— Cleveland schools will cut busing, sports, and preschool to meet a balanced budget and pay for the 300 teachers they re-hired. These are things you should know even if your kids don't go to Cleveland schools. (

— Cuyahoga Falls supporters are tweeting the hashtag #rapeStow in advance of the two schools' meeting on the football field this Friday. That's, um, aggressive. (Stow Patch)

— A commuter line between Sandusky and Cleveland? Would anyone use that? We're setting the over/under at 6 people. (AP)

— If you're not familiar with the complete clusterfuck that is the West Third Street Bridge repair saga, you should school yourself here. Yeah, it's going to be closed again, this time for five months. (

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