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Your guide to living in fabulous Cleveland.

Fitz’s Tantrums: Ed FitzGerald tells staff he’ll no longer sign documents on which they misspell his name or forget the capital “G.” He will, however, approve any documents attributed to “Big G.”

Where Time Stands Still: The $189 million Juvenile Justice Center doesn’t have clocks yet. In the county’s defense, Jimmy Dimora had planned on paying PE39 $40,000 to stand in the lobby and shout the time every 5 minutes.

Greasing the Wheels: John Kasich says half the dough from his plan to lease the Ohio Turnpike would be poured back into Northeast Ohio road projects. Translated: “That’s ten more rest-stop Hardee’s for those idiot cops. Pinky swear.”

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: Your next batch of Christmas Ale puke is finally within reach.


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