Letter: A Criticism of Occupy Cleveland Leaders




Time for another spin through Public Square, our semi-regular feature where readers get to vent. Sometimes that involves calling Scene worthless rag, sometimes it means calling out politicians. Today, a reader explains his issues with Occupy Cleveland leadership. Every group suffers from infighting on some level. It looks like Occupy Cleveland is no different.

One or more of the Occupy Cleveland leaders, exposed in the Scene for planning their arrests in advance with police as a publicity stunt, and according to news reports run by Ben Shapiro, have a nasty control-freak,hypocritical, power tripping, anti-democracy habit of deleting reasonable factual postings on its Facebook page which question its secretive leaders, such as asking why it agreed to remove its tent city downtown next to Public Square and stop sleeping there, giving in to Democrat mayor Frank Jackson. Because they are buddies of the corrupt Democratic Party in Greater Cleveland? Which is an ally of unions which support Occupy Cleveland, run by people who oppose freedom of speech, as their Facebook page censorship proves. The occupy movement is good. But one or more top leaders of Occupy Cleveland are bad. The solution is to remove them. Or start a new, honest, Occupy Cleveland, that does not censor all questioning of its leadership on its Facebook page. Members keep quitting Occupy Cleveland due how it is run. The big decisions made secretly by a few.


Occupational Hazard, Cleveland

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