Afternoon Brew: Peyton Hillis No Shows Charity Event, Stolen Vodka, Scared of Virgin Mary, and CMSD Official Resigns




Good afternoon, Cleveland. Here's some stuff to read while you turn Jesus toward the wall because you think might get lucky tonight.

— "The total value of the two bottles of vodka was $7.98." You're eying the wrong score, my thirsty friend. (WOIO)

— "The thief turned a statue of the Virgin Mary to face the wall during the break-in, the report stated." Ironically enough, the thief stole a bottle of wine. (Chronicle Telegram)

— "The only Halloween-related events held at the Club, per the website, involved trick-or-treating on October 21 and pumpkin carving three days later." This is what reporting on Peyton Hillis has come down to. (WFNY)

— A top ranking CMSD official resigned as a pending investigation moves forward about a potential improper relationship. For once, that doesn't mean having sex with a student. (19 Action News)

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