Dimora Judge Not a Fan of Scene



Wait, can I grab my copy of Scene before you take me away?
  • "Wait, can I grab my copy of Scene before you take me away?"

As we told you earlier, Judge Lioi denied Jimmy Dimora's request of a change of venue for his upcoming corruption trial. Dimora's lawyers had argued that media coverage has been unflattering and prejudicial to the prospective jury pool.

Lioi said not so much. Here's the PD's summary of her decision: "Lioi described the majority of the newspaper articles about Dimora as unflattering and sometimes titillating, but fair, accurate and balanced. She also found the conduct of reporters to be professional."

But buried in a footnote in the decision are her words about this humble rag. Judge Lioi, it turns out, doesn't sound like a fan, and gets in a few low blows along the way:

The only publication with articles that give the Court some concern have come from Scene Magazine. This is not a “hard news” or mainstream publication, and it is obvious from the tone of the articles contained therein that they are really editorials. Dimora was unable to provide any circulation statistics for this magazine and the Court is not aware that the magazine has a high readership. In fact, in the nearly 14 years that the undersigned has been presiding over jury selection (in Stark County, initially, and now in U.S. District Court sitting in Akron, which draws its jurors from Carroll, Holmes, Portage, Stark, Summit, Tuscarawas, and Wayne), I do not recall many, if any, instances where this magazine was identified by jurors as a publication that was regularly read. Of course, if any juror called for duty in this case has read something in this publication about this case, that can be addressed during jury voir dire.

Aw. We're blushing.

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