24-Year-Old Arrested at Occupy Cleveland



From out here in the cheap seats, the Occupy Cleveland movement, while adding a local voice to the big guttural shout of nation displeasure with the Way We Live Now, has also had its fair share of issues on the home front, from their struggles to get the proper permits to accusations of less-than kumbaya behavior in the tents. Last night, the local team took another bad PR hit when a protester tweeked out and was arrested by Cleveland police.

News Chanel 5 has the details on the arrested of Johnathan Bowen, a 24-year-old from Medina. He was allegedly sleeping under a table when he was approached by the cops. Bowen and others were informed the movement's permit doesn't allow for camping. The officers asked for everyone's name, and Bowen was tight lipped with the info.

Officers then tried to take Bowen to a police cruiser so they could ID him, but he allegedly refused to move and dropped to the ground. When police tried to place him under arrest, officers said Bowen began to swing his arms wildly to avoid being handcuffed.

Cleveland police were eventually able to subdue Bowen. He was charged with resisting arrest, obstructing official business and disorderly conduct and peace disturbance.


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