News Stations Across State Let You Tour Crime Scene



Scene of bad things.
  • Scene of bad things.

We know you. We know you wouldn't be interested in popping the lid on a teacher-student sex scandal and taking a tour of the house of the former-gym teacher now Ohio penal system inmate who allegedly held booze and drug-fueled sex parties with the football team. Nah, that's not you.

But . . . if you happened to be curious, well, News 5 has this picture tour of Stacy Schuler's house, which was recently put on the market after its former owner was found guilty of taking advantage of her students from Mason High School. Stations across the state are running this story, probably figuring the salacious nature of the crime will keep stoking people's interest. They're probably right.

Anyway, News 5 gets a little graphic with the room play-by-play, so we'll let them take over from here while we go grab a shower.

The listing includes several photos of the master bedroom, where many of the crimes occurred. During Schuler's trial, testimony revealed that in some cases, group sex with her students took place in the bed in that bedroom.

Also included are pictures of her shower, where testimony revealed other trysts occurred. There also are photos of her kitchen, including the counter which was another spot for sex with one of her students.

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