Afternoon Brew: Aquarium Targets January Opening, Tribe's a Groundball Machine, and Star Plaza Gets Props


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Good afternoon, Cleveland. Here's some stuff to read while you put aside your cynicism for a second and reflect on how cool the aquarium might be.

— The aquarium at the old Powerhouse is slated to open in late January/early February 2012. There will be a 150-foot walk-through sea tunnel in the shark exhibit. Sharks freaking rock. (Cleveland Leader)

— Star Plaza was voted the 11th best public space in America. In related news, 59% of Clevelanders still don't know where the hell it is. (Planetizen)

— The Tribe will have a groundball-inducing pitching staff the likes of which hasn't been seen in baseball ever. Now if they could just get someone to field the ball, they'll be set. (Grantland)

— Long talked about, the integration of EMS and fire in Cleveland should arrive by 2012, Frank Jackson said in an announcement today. (WOIO)


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