Afternoon Brew: Ignatius Dad Punches Ed's Coach, Orange Closed Again, No Smokers at Toledo Casino, and Turn Ahead the Clock Uniforms




Good afternoon, Cleveland. Here's some stuff to read while you kiss that sweet casino gig away because you've been to flavor country recently.

— The Toledo casino will not employee smokers. That just doesn't seem right. (AP)

— Orange high school was closed for the third straight day because of bomb threats. Surprised the cops haven't tracked down the perpetrator yet. (

— An Ignatius dad punched a JV Ed's football coach after a brief scuffle at a Iggy vs. Ed's game. The Holy War now includes actual violence. (

— The "Turn Ahead the Clock" uniforms worn by Omar Vizquel and Manny Ramirez are up for auction. You bet we'll be in on the bidding. (Grey's Flannels)

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