Plain Dealer's Latest Circulation Numbers Released



Its all in the numbers.
  • It's all in the numbers.

There's no reason to hide the fact that its rough going for most print media outlets out there. You remember print media, right? The dead-tree edition of your favorite Web site? Okay, great. Now that we're on the same page . . .  

In our business, there's actually a way to measure the death of print editions, it's called the circulation number. Every six months, the Audit Bureau of Circulations releases the hard data on how many people are picking up the 25 largest newspapers in the country, the Plain Dealer included. Last week, the group released the numbers for the last half of 2011.  

According to the figures, the PD's circulation is at 243,299 for the weekly edition. Not too bad, but it is a slip from the six months earlier, when the organization put the paper's weekly circulation at 254,372. In September 2010, the PD was doing 252,608 in the weekly edition. The numbers for spring 2010 were at 267,888.

The trend shows a slow creep, but its all the more staggering when you consider the paper has a weekly circulation in 2007 of 337,000.

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