Filmmakers Looking for Funding for Cleveland Sports Documentary


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Tired of shelling out for local teams that perennially — sometimes daily — let you down? Here’s your chance to shell out for two guys who feel your pain.

John Andosca and Qualin Harris have set out to chronicle a lifetime of Cleveland sporting woes in their tentatively titled documentary Cursed: The History of Cleveland Sports. The plan is to shake down former players, the people who chronicle them for a living — and especially the fans who live and die by their comically reliable failures. Think of it as a digital compendium of the real-time misery you live with every day!

“We don’t want it to be about the curse itself,” says Andosca, a 27-year-old University of Toledo film school grad who draws paychecks from clients like the National Wrestling Alliance and Sony Music these days. “We want it to be about the fans, because the fans are with the teams every year no matter what. It’s almost a badge of honor.”

And here’s where you, dear fan, come in: The duo is seeking production dough through — a sort of Groupon for people who want to see stuff get made. They aim to earn $35K by January 7 to pay for licensing fees for vintage footage and photographs dating as far back as the Cleveland Spiders’ gory days of the late 19th century.

Support the cause and you might earn a variety of cruel rewards, including tickets to Indians, Browns, and Cavaliers games, assuming they ever play again.


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