Best Grub We Ever Had: Staff Edition



Mmm ... compost!
  • Mmm ... compost.

In honor of this week's feature story on Cleveland foodies' all-time favorite flavors, we bring you the recollections of our ever-ravenous staff. In this installment: Staff writer Anastasia Pantsios ...

Somewhere along childhood’s path I acquired a taste for chocolate-covered candied orange peel. I probably got brave and tasted one of the little wormy things that sits atop the other chocolates in one of those “mixed chocolates” gift boxes and found my sweet tooth’s passion for life.

I once found a recipe in a children’s cookbook and tried to make them at home, but only once: The process was messy, time-consuming — and frankly, the ones from the Marshall Field’s candy counter just tasted better.

When I came to Ohio to go to college, my grandmother would occasionally send me a two-pound box wrapped in green Field’s paper and tied with their distinctive gold cord. Politely, I offered them around to my roommate and other friends in the dorm. To my secret joy, they all went yuck! when I told them what they were. I still celebrate my birthday by buying myself a pound of dark chocolate-covered orange peel at Mitchell’s in Cleveland Heights or Sweet Designs in Lakewood. — Anastasia Pantsios

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