3-Year-Old Lakewood Kid Shoots Up the House



What part of Bob the Builder dont you understand?
  • "What part of 'Bob the Builder' don't you understand?"
Ask any Lakewood resident and you’ll hear some form of the same refrain: What the hell’s happening to this town? The Detroit Avenue storefronts are gettin’ purty, but the rap sheets are getting uglier by the day. Or maybe they’re just getting better publicity.

Our police blotter lowlight of the day comes courtesy of our friends at Lakewood Patch, who note that the little tykes on Donald Avenue are packing more than sippy cups these days.

That's where a three-year-old boy took up with his pop's loaded pistol just before Thanksgiving and pumped the place full of lead.

Son, drop the gun … and the Boobah … and put your hands behind your head ...

The teachable moment here is that if you must leave your loaded pistol laying around for your toddler child to play with, at least make sure he's aiming at you.

Happily, nobody was hurt, and the rest of the report consists of garden-variety theft, vandalism, rape, and other inner-ring misery that makes Lakewood folks so good at sleeping with their eyes open.

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