Anti-Mercury Rally Set for This Morning



Mercury: It aint all bad.
  • Mercury: It ain't all bad.

Disillusioned by the odd tangents and flagging energy of your local Occupy movement? Still prefer complaining about things rather than gainful employment?

The Sierra Club’s got a lunch date for you: This morning at 11, they’ll be rounding up a passel of local families and environmentalist types to rally 1) for clean air and 2) against power plants that dump toxic mercury everywhere. But why here?

Because we’re ground zero for this crap, of course. Four out of five dentists agree that Ohio ranks second in the nation in mercury pollution, what with some 4,200 pounds of it seeping out of our power plants and into our neighborhoods and waterways and thermometers every year. Plus, you know, it kills people.

Today’s rally and subsequent honkathon — so bring your car or sousaphone — are intended to get President Obama’s attention, such that we might finally get some national standards in place to limit the dubious neurotoxin.

The frenzy starts at 11 inside Cleveland Public Library downtown; the honkathon takes over Willard Park (corner of East Ninth and Lakeside) at noon.

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