Youngstown Band Gets Little Steven's Seal of Approval, Needs Your Vote


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Steven Van Zandt knows a thing or two about being cool. First of all, he's been Bruce Springsteen's guitar-slingin', bandana-sportin' sidekick for 40 years. He also played Silvio Dante on The Sopranos.

So when the dude says something's cool, you tend to believe him.

One of the things Miami Steve thinks is cool is Youngstown band Deadbeat Poets, whose song "The Man With the X-Ray Eyes" is up for The Coolest Song in the World 2011 on the renaissance man's weekly Little Steven's Underground Garage radio show.

The song was actually featured way back on March 6 as the Coolest Song in the World.

But now that it's that time of year for squeezing things down to the very best the past 12 months has to offer, the track is fighting 51 other songs for the Coolest Song in the World for the whole freaking year.

"The Man With the X-Ray Eyes" is up against some stiff competition, including songs by R.E.M. and Tom Morello.

But you can help Deadbeat Poets beat those way richer guys by voting for them here.

Just scroll down to March 6 to cast your vote.

We think the band has a pretty good chance. After all, Springsteen likes Youngstown (he wrote a song about it, remember?), and Little Steven obviously thinks they're cool. And you don't want to argue with Tony Soprano's right-hand man, do you? —Michael Galllucci


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