Brettany Walton, Shoplifting Mama, Leaves Baby Behind When Cops Arrive



What baby?
  • "What baby?"

You have to love the editorially administered morality of this headline, courtesy of 19ActionNews, one outfit that's never been afraid to call it like it is.

"Mother" abandons sleeping baby while shoplifting

Those quote marks burn. Once you dive into the meat and potatoes of the story, you'll probably share the headline writer's anger with the mom in question. The station reports that it all began when two 15-year-old girls were busted for shoplifting at Crocker Park. They were caught with a one-year-old baby asleep in a stroller. Besides claiming innocence, the pair also said, what baby? Not ours.

After the authorities put the heat on, the girl copped to quick-finger activity, and said the baby belong to 19-year-old Brettany Walton. The mother drove the girls to the mall and then ducked out after the other two were snatched, leaving the baby behind. When police contacted the mother, she refused to pick up the child.

Looks like Walton has a habit of putting her child in danger. She was charged earlier this year after leaving the baby. She was packing a gun at the time. The child's grandmother is trying to gain custody through the courts. God speed, grandma.

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