Fox 8 Newscaster Loses It in TV Anchor Fail Video


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Everybody loves to see the clips of news anchors losing it on screen or twisting a simple word into a four-letter soap-to-mouth monstrosity that makes senior citizens spontaneously combust once it hits their ears. These videos are great end-of-the-year time killers, and this one below features some local talent.

If you skip to the 21 second mark, Fox 8's Tracy McCool makes an appearance. The story she's reading about a guy whose bodily functions landed him in handcuffs. McCool makes a strong effort to keep it together, but soon collapses into laughter. We'll leave it to Fox 8 to spell out the situation. The rest of the clips are funny too, but there are four-letters words all over the place, so earmuff your kids.


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