Read an Interview With Harvey Pekar's Widow About His New Book


The Harvey we all knew and loved
  • The Harvey we all knew and loved

If you have some spare time today, Previews, which is a monthly overstuffed catalog/publication filled with everything geeks love, has a pretty good and kinda long interview with Joyce Brabner, Harvey Pekar's widow.

She talks about the upcoming book Harvey Pekar's Cleveland, which the writer completed before his death last year.

Like all of Pekar's work, it's autobiographical.

But more so than many of his recent stories, it's a love letter to Cleveland, a city Pekar clearly loved.

Among other things Brabner talks about in the interview, she says the book addresses a question so many people — many of those who've never even visited Cleveland — have asked over the years:

"It’s very clear how he sees his life in the city, and it finally answers the question once and for all why a writer of Harvey’s caliber would choose to stay in a city like Cleveland."

Brabner also talks about the memorial statue she's trying to get funded here in town.

You can read the whole interview here.

Harvey Pekar's Cleveland comes out in March. —Michael Gallucci


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