Rock Hall Secrecy Highlighted




“Old rock ’n’ rollers don’t fade away. They just hope for a nod from Cleveland.”

That’s how New York Times writer Janet Morrissey started Saturday’s nicely done Rock Hall piece. And we appreciate the recognition going to the city, not just the museum we happen to have here.

Votes for the 2012 Rock Hall inductees are being counted and the pool of 15 nominees will be whittled to five winners — to be announced Wednesday.

But the article is more than just that. It dives into the wheelings, dealings, lobbying, shenanigans, and claims of bias that go on behind the scenes with agents and labels desperate to get their band in. A successful effort brings financial reincarnation to inductees and all the people who make money when the band makes money.

There are a couple juicy rumors too.

Most notably: Axl Rose and Slash might reunite for the April induction ceremony if Guns N’ Roses are picked.

Much is also made of the veil of secrecy that surrounds the proceedings and how no one can crack it. Alice Cooper, who finally gained a Rock Hall spot this year after 16 failed nominations says:

“I used to think that when you got in, you’d understand how it worked, and how you get nominated — there would be a secret handshake, and there’d be a dossier about Area 51 and the president’s assassination.”

Turns out there is no secret handshake and we’re pretty sure Mr. Cooper compiled inside info on Area 51 decades ago—on his own.

It’s worth a read; just ignore the sentence where someone tries to include Bon Jovi in the hard rock category.

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