Occupy Cleveland Earns Bid for Statehood … or Something



Occupy Cleveland ... its working! Isnt it?
  • Occupy Cleveland ... it's working! Isn't it?

It’s only been a month ago that Occupy Clevelanders were getting rounded up and arrested as the city’s patience for their Public Square shantytown was growing thin.

Now the Occupy movement has earned the love of Cleveland City Council, which voted last night in favor of a resolution to formally support the group. So ... makeshift tents for everyone!

Occupy leaders expressed concern heading into last night’s rally (there’s always a rally) and council meeting, because nearly half of the 19-member council had not committed to voting in favor of the movement.

Now that they have, what does it all mean?

Assuming Frank Jackson signs off on it — and hell, he signs off on everything:

It means the council understands that the First Amendment is one of the cooler amendments we’ve got going for us.

It also means that council plans to work with Frank Jackson to make things more wonderful here, and will ask local congressmen to redouble their efforts in the pursuit of wonderfulness.

Plus, bonus round: Clerk of Council Pat Britt will dash off a copy of the resolution — complete with bleak-as-all-hell stats furnished by Occupy Cleveland — straight to the desk of Barack Obama, who will have an intern look at it, then will say something nice about us when election season rolls around.

So yeah, not a lot gonna happen really. But it's another peaceful move forward for Cleveland's well-intended Occupiers, who are way better at not coming off like jackasses than just about everybody from Wall Street to Oakland. So we've got that going for us.

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