Jobs Jobs Jobs: Cuyahoga Seeing More Employment Opportunities?


The 99 percent.
  • The 99 percent.

Is it getting better out there? Are more people finding steady, good paying gigs? Is it possibly time to sideline the bath salt running and return to a 9 to 5 you can tell your mom about? If you've been plugged into the local news cycle over the last 24 hours, you might have gotten wind of some reasons to be sanguine about the job market. Some 800 or so reasons.

Recent statistics put the unemployment number in Cuyahoga County at 7.4 percent, which actually gives us a leg up on the state (9 percent) and the US of A (8.6 percent . . . maybe). Perhaps further putting us ahead of the national trend: over the last week, a number of open positions have been announced in Northeast Ohio.

The major job mover here is the Cleveland Casino. This week the Horseshoe project billeted in the Higbee building announced it was taking applications for 750 positions. The new Cleveland aquarium quickly followed suit, announcing that they were taking applications for 45 jobs.

And — because three makes a trend — the county released word this week that it was handing out loans to two local businesses, the end result of which means 25 more jobs for the county.

All in all, this is good news. Jobs jobs jobs jobs. Of course. Duh. Yeah, these are high profile additions — and one handful won't likely go live for some time — but they send a message. Unless 1,000 people were quickly axed in the time it took to write this post, which might not be too much of a stretch, considering what we've been through.

The irony here is that with so much blood in the water for the job hunters, you'll probably see the local unemployment rate rise the next time they broadcast the percentages — keep in mind they only count people who are actively looking for work. If you were looking, gave up, and set up camp occupying the couch all day, the government doesn't could you as “unemployed,” regardless of what mom says. Now, with jobs jobs jobs in the news, we'll have a larger pool of lookers, ergo a higher unemployment number.

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