Jon Sawyer + Kitchen Stadium = Awesome




There's no arguing that Michael Symon's career began its meteoric rise to full-blown celebrity status following his appearances on "Iron Chef America." While a bona fide Iron Chef himself now, Symon first competed as a challenger against Masaharu Morimoto.

Next up: Jonathon Sawyer, who makes his debut as an "Iron Chef America" challenger on January 22. Sawyer, chef and owner of Greenhouse Tavern and Noodlecat, will compete against Geoffrey Zakarian, who recently secured his Iron Chef status thanks to a win on "The Next Iron Chef." Zakarian is the chef-owner of multiple restaurants, including the Lamb's Club in New York.

This will not be Sawyer's first appearance in the Food Network's famed Kitchen Stadium. He has served as sous chef for Symon on previous battles. The upcoming episode was taped in New York City a few months back. As always, the identity of the secret ingredient is under million-dollar lock and key.

Sawyer says he plans on hosting a watch party at Greenhouse when the episode airs.

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