A Cake Unfit for the King



LeBron prefers fourth-quarter icing.
  • LeBron prefers fourth-quarter icing.

Yeah yeah, we're all over and done with the former chosen one too. Yet tales of LeBronian douchebaggery never grow stale.

Take this snippet from the Miami Herald, which found that the King of South Beach recently rejected a free cake that had been ordered for his private birthday & engagement soiree. (Might the vaguely wine & gold motif have had anything to do with it?)

Seems the South Beach hotel where LeBron's posse was hanging placed a frantic call to a local baker requesting a $3,000 cake — fast — in exchange for ... not cash, but one weekend's supply of free publicity. The baker put her life on hold to turn out a five-layer cake, which LeBron's posse promptly turned away. Happily, the hotel manager joined in the act by throwing the accommodating baker under the bus too.

"I can’t tell LeBron James what birthday cake to eat," he told the Herald. "It’s LeBron James, for Christ’s sake.” And if LeBron's adventures in Cleveland are any indication, the hotel wait staff and bellboys probably got stiffed too.

Now the baker's crying foul over her loss of holiday business and free publicity that's turned rather costly. It all serves as just one more hard but handy lesson that, in the land of King James, we are all but pawns or rooks.

And with that, we return your focus to the upstart Cavaliers. May their young legs hold out till June.

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