Here's the List of Words Lawyers Can and Can't Use at the Dimora Trial



We agreed -- you cant say moob!
  • "We agreed — you can't say 'moob'!"

Down in Akron, they're finally done chewing through potential jurors in the Jimmy Dimora trial; 12 supposedly diligent and upstanding members of the community have been seated to hear the case. Testimony is expected to begin this week. The court will digest the prosecution's considerable accusations against the former Cuyahoga County commissioner, who's reign allegedly included kickbacks, patronage, and sleazy hooker-sex. On defense, the Plain Dealer reports this morning Dimora's lawyers will likely try and pass off the free tiki huts and trips as the boon of Jimmy's friendship with contractors and others, not as wink-wink-nudge-nudge for county work. What the jurors won't hear? A number of select phrases Judge Sara Lioi has forbidden both sides from uttering in order to maintain impartiality. You might be surprised about what's on the list . . .

First, the language that will be allowed in the courtroom:

•county corruption probe
•corruption investigation
•county corruption investigation
•political godfather
•county-wide embarrassment
•2 for $20 menu

Words on the no-fly list:
•corrupt commissioner
•Roberto Alomar
•linking the investigation to Cuyahoga County reform
•chicken marsala
•Scarface (1983)

Okay okay. So some of those words are not like the others.

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