Machine Gun Kelly Arrested in Florida




Trouble magnet (and Cleveland rapper) Machine Gun Kelly was arrested in Florida yesterday for what the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office calls "brawling."

MGK — who was booked under his real name, Richard Baker — was booked at 3 a.m. on Sunday for "disorderly conduct (brawling)."

Details are sketchy, but apparently MGK was arrested after performing at St. Petersburg's State Theatre on Saturday night/Sunday morning. Brawling apparently happened after the gig.

Not so surprisingly, MGK took to Twitter immediately after he was freed on $100 bond after spending four hours in jail: "Just spent my entire night in a fucking Florida jail ... shit escaladed way to [sic] quick last night, it always does with us though."

Also not so surprisingly, MGK has a lot of fans who are in jail: "The weirdest part of it was how many inmates in there knew who I was and knew about the movement," MGK wrote on Twitter. "It was some trippy shit. Lace the FUCK up." —Michael Gallucci

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