Updated — Comic Book God Talks About Harvey Pekar


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Over the weekend, Alan Moore — the comic-book god who penned, among other classics, Watchmen and V for Vendetta — held his first mass webchat.

And it was all done because of the Kickstarter campaign to get a statue built for late Cleveland comics writer Harvey Pekar.

Moore proposed the online chat as a rare chance to ask him questions. Anyone who contributed $99 to the Pekar campaign got to ask a question.

Nearly five dozen people took Moore up on his offer, donating money and then hurling questions at the British writer for two and a half hours.

There's lots of geeky stuff in there for fans.

You can watch it above. And if you like what you saw, they're asking you contribute a little cash to the Pekar project.

The rest of you can just take comfort in knowing that the video conference helped contribute to that Pekar statue that will be built in Cleveland. —Michael Gallucci


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