Deagan's Kitchen to Reopen Tomorrow Following a Freshen-Up




"Before we opened the restaurant, we ran out of money to do the bathrooms," explains Deagan's owner Dan Deagan. "So we decided to close for a few days to redo them. Then we had 10 other projects that needed doing."

Deagan waited for what is typically the slowest week of the year to schedule the work. Of course, he notes, there also usually is a foot of snow on the ground.

When it reopens tomorrow, February 10, Deagan's will indeed sport all new bathrooms. But it also has a fresh coat of paint, new wainscoting to protect the walls, a newly buffed floor, and a sparkling clean kitchen.

"After awhile things get kicked around," says Deagan., who adds, "It's been a very good year and a half. We're happy."

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