Governor Kasich’s State of the State Address Elicits Widespread Mockery




Perhaps Governor John Kasich moved his second State of the State address from its traditional Statehouse location to an elementary school in Steubenville hoping to keep the media spotlight off him. If so, he failed. On Tuesday he delivered yet another loopy, disjointed and totally improvised speech packed with what Huffington Post described the next day as “bizarre” statements. That’ll be déjà vu for those who remember last year’s speech in which, among other things, he promised not to “wear that silly hat that Voinovich wore” and related how a little girl had said to him, “Please Mister, don’t tax my eggs.”

This year's speech features an imitation of a Parkinson’s patient and 14 shout-outs to OSU President Gordon Gee. (Seriously, 14? Anyone think Kasich has a man-crush on him?)

National business news website Business Insider chimed in, dubbing it “the craziest political speech of the year.”

BI cited the Parkinson’s imitation, as well as “a reference to his ‘hot wife’,” “warning two recipients of the Governor's Courage Awards not to sell their medals on eBay,” “calling Californians ‘a bunch of wackadoodles’,” and “telling the people of Ohio he wanted to ‘touch them.’”

Ewwwwww …

Even the usually Republican-friendly Cincinnati Enquirer ran a headline that said “Kasich on … ‘wackadoodles,’ ‘cow tongues,’ ‘Seinfeld’ and his ‘hot wife.’ “Governor covers gamut in his State of the State,” it said. Unfortunately, that gamut didn’t cover his long-promised reform of Ohio’s school funding formula. That must have gotten lost somewhere around the seventh or eighth shout-out to Gee.

Watch Kasich’s oration if you dare but be warned — it’s over an hour and a half long. — Anastasia Pantsios

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