YSU Student Hospitalized After Fraternity Hazing



Probably not as fun or candle-lit as it looks in the movies.
  • Probably not as fun or candle-lit as it looks in the movies.

Now, the closest thing to a social organization we belonged to in college was a String Cheese tape trading collective, but we hear most pledges come out the other end of fraternity hazing at worst with an unwanted tattoo or a horrifying revulsion to the Door's “The End.” Sometimes, the after effects are a little more frightening. Down at Youngstown State University, some recent Animal House-antics allegedly got out of hand when a student landed in the hospital after going through Greek-related beat down.

The alleged offending body — Kappa Alpha Psi — is not only the oldest Greek organization on campus, it was the first all-black group of its kind. Now, the administration could bounce the frat from the school for good.

The incident happened February 1, according to the Warren Tribune, when ReSean Yancey was taken to the hospital with a concussion and bruising. The injuries were allegedly the result of an off-campus hazing incident. The student was released later in the week.

YSU is working with police to sniff out the specifics. Not much else has leaked out into the light of day. The Tribune scored an interview with Yancey's grandma, who reports her grandson is recovering. Right now, the fraternity has been suspended, and the school is talking tough about coming down hard should the investigation's results merit it.

"The circumstances of this case are outrageous and unconscionable and against the very fabric of everything that Youngstown State University stands for," YSU President Cynthia E. Anderson said. "We will not, under any circumstances, tolerate such behavior, and we will work diligently to make sure that any student organization or any individual that in any way participates in such behavior is removed from the university."

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