University Study Lists Most Corrupt Cities in US; Breathe Easy, Cleveland Didn't Make the Cut


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Today the Daily put together this nifty little chart illustrating the results of a University of Illinois study into the most corrupt municipalities in the states. You can breath easy, we didn't land prime real estate on this ignoble breakdown — at least not for now.

The list was complied through a data search of the number of convictions for public corruption between 1976 and 2010. The researchers seem to have a hometown bias, as far as we're concerned, picking Chicago as the best place for bent politicians to launch their careers. It might be worth keeping in mind that until a few years back, we weren't exactly known for, you know, actually prosecuting bad pols. Plus, a lot of the convictions stemming from the Russo-Dimora circus didn't go on the books until after the study's cut date, so maybe next time we'll get a better/worse seat at the table.


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