Red Cross Strike Going Nationwide



We need to fill these guys up, but where is everyone?
  • "We need to fill these guys up, but where is everyone?"

On Valentine's Day, the local union repping blood collectors and other employees at the local American Red Cross sent a big wet kiss off to the bosses when they went on strike. Now a couple weeks into the work stoppage, union members are not only still marching the picket line, but they're trying to take the strike nationwide.

Newsnet5 reports this afternoon that Teamsters Local 507 is hosting union delegates from Michigan, Iowa, and New Jersey right here in Cleveland. Each local has a beef with the Red Cross over a whole rack of issues, including health benefits and staffing concerns. The organization has seen a number of strikes over the last year, but now it looks like the unions are trying to organize on multiple fronts. The contingent from Lansing will hit the picket line on Thursday.

Of course, with all these employees off the job, blood isn't getting collected. Right now, the organization is balancing the blood demand by bringing in donations from other parts of the country. How long that will last, is up in the air — especially if other workforces join the strike.

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