Beer Truck Driver Arrested for . . . Drunk Driving


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This isnt the truck, but this is sweet.
  • This isn't the truck, but this is sweet.

Hauling all that beer around day and night, a man gets tempted. That's the understandable takeaway from a story coming out of Solon. In fact, just writing up this post has us craving an ice . . . cold . . . beer . . .

For 8 reports Solon police stopped a semi-truck leaving a gas station on Aurora Road in the pre-dawn morning hours of Monday. The cops spotted the truck almost smash into some on-coming traffic, so they snapped on the red and blues. The police saw the truck was hauling beer. Umm . . . you know what we really need right now . . .

Behind the wheel was David Shaefer, a 49-year-old from Rome. He took a breath test, blowing .137 — so obviously he'd been sampling some of his own supply, at least figuratively speaking. The police also turned up some weed and paraphernalia in the cab.

The truck was handed over to Superior Beverage. So all that beer is safe and sound now, yup, just sitting on a store shelf somewhere, lonely, waiting for some lucky guy to come along, buy it, love it . . .


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