Ohio Leads Nation in Metal Theft



The average Ohioans day at work.
  • The average Ohioan's day at work.

We're number one! We're number one! We're number... Hey, put my catalytic converter down! What the hell, man?

Ohio's job climate in recent years has a lot of folks acting like the homeless guy sifting through the garbage can outside your office hoping for a few aluminum cans.

Copper and metal theft has been a bit of a problem, you could say. The National Insurance Crime Bureau's latest numbers are a dubious feather in Ohio's cap: no state had more metal theft claims from January 1, 2009 to December 31, 2011 than the Buckeye State. O-H...

There's wiggle room here since the numbers are based on insurance claims and plenty of metal theft cases never get reported. Either way, based on this set of data, we're number one. The top (well, bottom) five states below, via the Mansfield News Journal:

The report identified 25,083 insurance claims, compared with 13,861 claims from the 2006-08 report — an 81-percent increase.

The top five states generating the most metal theft claims are:

» Ohio: with 2,398 claims.

» Texas: 2,023.

» Georgia:1,481.

» California: 1,348.

» Illinois: 1,284.

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