Don't Hold Your Breath for a Guns N' Roses Performance at Rock Hall Inductions




Yeah, we've been done this rumor-laden road before, but the question of whether Guns N' Roses will perform during the Rock Hall induction ceremonies in Cleveland is one at the tip of a lot of fans' tongues.

What started as a yes, drifted into maybe territory, and eventually took a nosedive into the land of "no one knows what the hell is going to happen, so let's all stop talking about it" got an additional strong dash of pessimism with the latest quotes from Slash.

Via an interview with Rolling Stone:

When Guns N' Roses get inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on April 14th, nobody knows exactly what else will happen – including Slash. "This is a subject I'm dead sick of talking about," the guitarist says. "Everyone has been asking me what's going to happen, and they know as much as I do. I feel you're totally obligated to be present and I would love to fucking play, but it's just something that's not gonna happen for whatever reason."

OK, then. We'll all find out together in a couple weeks.

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