Opening Chef at Hodge's Leaves on Good Terms


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Adam Bostwick, chef de cuisine of the recently opened Hodge's Restaurant, has resigned his young post just a few weeks in. There are no hard feelings on either end, stresses Bostwick.

"The opportunity was amazing, but I really want my own thing and I've really been striving for it for a long time," notes the chef. "I told Chris [Hodgson] that it was going to be really hard for me to stay 100-percent devoted to Hodge's if I'm looking to do my thing. I had to pull the trigger and devote all my time toward it or it would slip away. The opportunities were at my door, so I had to attack them."

The former chef of Hodge's and Melange is looking to do something wonderful and affordable in the West Park neighborhood.

Hodgson and company currently are interviewing replacements.


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