Kucinich Becomes President... In 'How I Met Your Mother' Flash Forward




A couple weeks ago, "How I Met Your Mother" centered an episode on Ted and Marshall looking ahead to the future and dreaming what their older, better selves would be like.

Each sequence was accompanied by a flash forward that was accentuated by future newspaper headlines.

Poynter gathered the headlines (no screengrabs, unfortunately), and Dennis! figured prominently in one. (Co-creator and writer Carter Bays is from Cleveland, if you didn't know.)

* 2003: “President Gore signs historic bill into law”
* 2006: “President Dean calmly addresses the nation”
* 2009: “President Kucinich kicks ass, as expected”
* 2015: Mosby is surrounded by piles of newspapers; the only visible headline: “America regrets giving Bush surprise third term”

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