Five Pounds of Pot Stuffed Inside a Care Bear, Delivered to Wrong House




Folks try all sorts of ingenious ways to hide marijuana. You can't, after all, just fill up a cardboard box with baggies of weed and ship it through the mail.

If you're using the United States Postal Service to deliver the goods, you have to be a bit more clever. More than that, you have to pay attention to details, as this North Canton Patch story proves.

The man, who lives in the 600 block of 6th Street NW, called police April 7 after opening up a suspicious package that was mailed to his house.

Inside was a yellow Care Bear (Funshine Bear, for those Care Bear know-it-alls out there) stuffed with a bag of marijuana, which police said weighed about five pounds.

Happy 4/20, everyone. Well, except to the guy who was expecting a Care Bear filled with weed to arrive at his house. That guy's probably pretty pissed.

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