The Avengers is Actually Good, Shocked Reviews Say



Tough act to follow, but they might have pulled it off.
  • Tough act to follow, but they might have pulled it off.

So, we're going to suck in our gut and admit it: we didn't have high expectations for The Avengers, the Marvel comic book action flick that was filmed in our fair land not long ago. Sure, we reasoned, it would have some good booms and bangs, and a rotating cast of Hollywood regulars, and Scarlett Johansson's teflon pout – but would it actually pull off the primary color epic sweep of the original comic books? Probably not, we guessed.

Call us shamed haters, potentially. The initial reviewers are coming in, and they're surprisingly positive. So positive, in fact, that industry observers are taking the time to comment on the generally astonished tone most reviews are oozing over the sure-thing blockbuster. We might actually be looking at the Godfather of superhero movies, the new standard.

From Thompson on Hollywood:

In fact, some enthusiastic reviewers were baffled at having too little to complain about, while others questioned whether "Marvel's The Avengers" might be the best super hero movie of all time, or the purest comic book adaptation ever.  No consensus yet, but as of writing, Rotten Tomatoes shows a 100% Fresh rating.

This is all great news (although, who really believes Rotten Tomatoes anymore – anyone else get the sense that those are inflated rankings? It's probably just a wink-wink deal between the site and the studios to jack up the ranking so you'll be more inclined to fork over your allowance for ticket and popcorn). Obviously, the overall quality of this film was no easy accident or Hollywood hitting a bulls eye.

Obviously, the Avengers is certified legit kick ass because portions of the films were captured on celluloid here in the diamond of Northeast Ohio, the city not just Los Angeles but Paris aspires to be: Cleveland.

You can soak up the movie yourself when it open May 5th.

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