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Don’t Drink the Water
: More than 28,000 fish turn up dead in the Rocky River, sparking an investigation into the possible cause — and unlikely praise for Governor Kasich’s private Office of Dead Fish Counting, which earned every penny of its $23 million budget this weekend.

The King of Beers: Ohio City entrepreneur Sam McNulty announces plans to open his fifth booze joint on West 25th Street by June; also floats idea to transform West Side Market stalls into 120 individual bars, noting that “beer tastes better than vegetables.”

Fun With Futility: The Cleveland sporting world hits its annual apex of excitement Thursday, as the Cavaliers vie for their worst-possible record for optimal draft seeding and the Browns select their next class of can’t-miss prospects, all of whom will miss anyway.

This Week's Index: Break up the monotony of the highway by weaving through the orange cones.

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