Get to Know Your Cleveland Anarchist Wannabe Bridge Bombers




By now you've been updated about the arrest of five men who planned to blow up the State Route 82 Bridge. The FBI and U.S. Attorney's office have released the names of those involved, and if you track the alleged bombers' online footprints, you see these guys self-identify with the Occupy Movement. (Before you start in, we'll beat you to the punch — we haven't been able to confirm the accounts all belong to the individuals charged, but a couple of the pictures released by the FBI are dead ringers for the profile pics, and the profiles we've screen-grabbed below are all friends at least in the Facebook sorta way, so keep that all in mind).

Three of the four arrested we found (possibly) on Facebook list OccupyCleveland as their employment. Their profiles are also festooned with other anarchist swag. The bombing was set to occur on May Day.

To recap, three individuals have been arrested and charged with conspiracy and attempted use of explosive material to damage physical property affecting interstate commerce: Brandon Baxter, 20; Douglas Wright, 26; and Anthony Hayne, 35.

On Brandon Baxter's (alleged) Facebook profile, he lists his political views as "anarcho-communist," and lists "#OccupyCleveland" as his employment.


The FBI also arrested and chraged Douglas Wright, whose page is a little more mum on overt political bent, but still manages to get the message across:


Anthony Hayne is the third individual facing charges, and his Facebook page also lists "#OccupyCleveland" under employment.


Two additional individuals were arrested. Connor Stevens, 20, doesn't appear to have a Facebook profile in that name. But Joshua Stafford, 23, again lists "#OccupyCleveland" as his occupation. He also likes to smoke weed, according to his activities.


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