Chump of the Week: Solon Teen Spits on Bus Driver




If you needed any more proof that having kids is a horrible idea because, well, then you'll have to deal with said kids when they overnight pop out of that cuddly baby/photo prop stage and become an inverted whirlpool of hormones and selfish dramatics, Solon Patch presents Exhibit #324.

We'll pick this story up from the behind the eyes of the police officer, a worthy protagonist. Say you're a cop, donuts and tazar. You're doing a cool glide down Aurora Road, a four-laner that plows through the very commercial guts of strip mall Solon. All of the sudden, you spot one of those abnormalities you've been trained to red flag: an RTA is parked on the side of the road, and a teenage boy is fleeing the scene, female bus driver in hot pursuit. You investigate.

Turns out, the 15-year-old kid had been riding the woman's loop. When the driver requested he turn his music down, the kid told her to go blow, then spit on her. Turning the wheel of an RTA must give you about as much tolerance for bullshit as a Zeta pledge has for Ketel One, so the driver here went after the punk. Hats off to the driver.

The little punk was hauled into the police station, and later deposited to his mom. He'll be up on a disorderly conduct charge in juvenile court. And a spanking once dad comes home.

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