R.I.P. Wildcat as Cedar Point Drops a Notch




We hate to be the ones to tell you this but Cedar Point is no longer “The Roller Coaster Capitol of the World.” The park officially dropped to the number two spot for having the most coasters in the world yesterday when it announced that the Wildcat would be torn down before opening day on May 12.

The Wildcat, with its beloved hairpin turns and overall jerkiness, had Cedar Point tied for number one with California’s Six Flag's Magic Mountain at 17 coasters each. But with only 16 coasters, CP ties with Canada’s Wonderland in Ontario in the number two slot.

It’s a sad day, truly it is. But hey—our nearby attraction still holds one numero uno accolade: The Millennium Force won the 2011 Golden Ticket award for the top steel coaster worldwide.

The Morning Journal reports that the demise of the ride, a park mainstay since 1970, will make room for more people to pack into the Celebration Plaza area to see nighttime shows. This strikes Scene staff as odd because personally, we’ve never met anyone who goes to Cedar Point for nighttime shows.

A Cedar Point spokeswoman said low Wildcat ridership numbers played into the decision to tear it down. The bigger, newer rides get more love with millions of riders each year while the poor little ol’ Wildcat had fewer than 500,000.

Maintenance issues were also a concern. Last June two Wildcat cars ran into each other and there was another accident back in 2008—neither caused serious injuries.

Cedar Point says it will send the Wildcat debris off to be recycled.


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