Slow Down on the Roads, Northeast Ohio




No news to you, but Northeast Ohio has been gift-wrapped some beautiful weather recently.

We bring it up because, if you burn away daylight hours glued to the news feeds like us, might have noticed a weird uptick in the number of odd car crashes getting pixel space in the local media. Could be a slow news week, and the fourth estate is just filling the void with lower stock that wouldn't normally be invited into the corral.

Or it could be the weather. We've all been there. It's a welcome distraction. Windows down. The Seeger pumped up. Face blasted with wind that finally isn't the perfect temperature for keeping poultry. Sure, no doubt not all the accidents in the past week have been the result of a fair weather distraction, but still it's something to keep in mind. Even if you're a perfect 10-and-2 driving school ace, the mini van one lane over might not be. So, don't go gunning the engine while rubbernecking the spring, or you might end up in some kind of mangled mountain of metal, hopefully walking with only cuts and bruises.

Here are just some of the more notable crashes that have popped up in the headlines:

— On Tuesday, a 36-year-old woman behind the wheel of a mini van was injured after the vehicle rolled over in Elyria.

— Wednesday morning began in Westlake when a garbage truck plowed into a senior living complex.

— Also on Wednesday, six people – including a pregnant 29-year-old – were hurt when an SUV hit a tractor-trailer on I-76 in Portage County.

— Also on Wednesday, a Sandusky woman poked her motorcycle through a hedge.

— Early Thursday morning a rolled pickup truck claimed the life of a 21-year-old male in Chester Township.

See? A lot of flips and smashes. So stay safe.

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