Local Weatherman Could Really Do Without Your Dumb Phone Calls to Let Him Know He Got the Weather Wrong


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We're beyond raking our local weathermen over the coals, right? They are, after all, weathermen, equipped with ambidextrous pointing skills and sunshiny smiles, tasked with predicting something that is only sorta semi-predictable.

But, but, but... they said it was going to rain today, and it didn't. And if you don't like the weather in Cleveland, wait five minutes for it to change. Amirite? Amirite? I mean, come on. It's like, make up your mind already, Mother Nature. And stop lying to me, Dick Goddard.

Scott Sabol, one of the fine forecasters over at Fox 8, took to his blog to describe actual viewer calls he gets about his meteorological analysis. Yes, folks actually call the weather man to yell at the weather man. We should have known this, yet it's still surprising.

Here's a sample of the type of call that actually comes in to the Fox 8 weather center:

Viewer: "What happened to all this rain?"

Me: "Whom am I speaking with?"

Viewer: "You said it was going to rain all day?"

Me: "I am sorry sir. What is your name? Where are you calling from?"'

Viewer: "You said it was going to rain all day?"

Me: "Your name, sir...where are you calling from?"'

Viewer: "Dave from (enter city)."

Me: "Dave, I believe I said that the rain would be scattered and not everyone would see rain. I most certainly didn't say it would 'rain all day.'"

Viewer: "I got no rain in (enter city). My wife and I think you need to go back to weather school."

Viewer: "...You can take your computers and fancy math stuff and all of your Facebook pictures and throw them out the window...I can do a better job by looking out my kitchen window"

We would suggest to these people that they stop calling Scott Sabol to complain, but we're pretty sure their free 100 hours of AOL ran out in 1999. They're clearly not reading this.


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