Afternoon Brew: Wet Bra Causes Fight, Sad News, Joe Haden Goes to Prom, and Rock Hall CEO Retires




Good afternoon, Cleveland. We've been busy getting stuff ready for our Summer Guide, which you'll love, and a host of internety stories have gone by the wayside in the meantime. (Or, we've been studying the list for the Beer Fest at the IX Center all afternoon. Either way.) So here's some stuff to read to get caught up before you go home.

— Do not hang wet bras on a lampshade in front of this man. Only bad things will follow. (Sandusky Register)

— Sad, sad news for the little girl who was the lone survivor of the Cracker Barrel shootings. She's heading to hospice. (NewsNet5)

— A high school girl asked Joe Haden to be her date to prom. He said yes. We're still waiting for Sharon Reed to get back to us about a date this weekend. (ESPN Cleveland)

— Terry Stewart retired as the CEO of the Rock Hall. Axl Rose expected to give his retirement toast via open letter. (

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