Local River Named One of the Most Endangered in USA



Baby, you are looking fine.
  • Baby, you are looking fine.

A local waterway has ended up on the list of the country's most endangered bodies of water, an ignominious blackeye that the granola establishment say is all thanks to Big Frack.

The Grand River, which shimmies up from mid-Ohio before dropping into the lake at Fairport Harbor, was parked at #6 on the annual list complied by American Rivers, according to the News Herald. It's important to keep in mind that the list isn't of the dirtiest pieces of H2O in these United States, only the natural bodies most likely to be fouled in the future. The Grand is sandwiched between Wyoming's Hoback River at #5 and the South Fork Skykomish River in Washington state.

The big befouling sword hanging over the Grand, American Rivers claims, is the possible uptick in hydraulic fracking the natural gas industry is pushing for.

At an announcement event Monday at Hidden Valley Park, Kathryn Hanratty with the Network for Oil and Gas Accountability and Protection said the process damages the river by withdrawing millions of gallons of water and also by polluting it.

"Even when everything goes as planned, toxic fracking fluid blows back at high pressure as part of the process," Hanratty said. "This routine step has the potential for contaminating fields and streams."

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